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Frequently Asked Questions

Affordable Plots Chandigarh offers a wide range of plots at affordable prices, including residential plots, commercial plots, and farmhouses with easy instalment plans.

While investing in plots, an investor might look for different kinds of plots, as per the requirements and goals of the investments. Residential, commercial, agriculture, institutional and industrial plots are the main categories in which plots can be divided per type.

The finance of commercial plots is also expensive. It is advisable to confirm the funding requirements before finalising the purchase. Also, if an agricultural land is purchased for commercial development, it needs to be converted to commercial before proceeding with the development. You have to seek a land conversion certificate from the authorities.

Yes, We have both commercial and residential properties at affordable prices.While purchasing a commercial property, it should be carefully studied that the land has been zoned as commercial. Otherwise, there would be problems in developing the property.

Residential plots are parcels of land meant for the construction of houses. The buyer needs to seek necessary approvals from the concerned authorities if the land was previously agricultural and change the land use to residential. Alternatively, an investor can invest in a residential plot.

The first step to buying a plot is to check the title deed of the land. You need to ensure that the seller’s name appears on the name of the property and has the right to sell the property. Ensure that the title deed is free of any litigations, loans or encumbrance.

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